Windows 10 *I hate microsoft so much right now!!!
after something like 42 years (2017) evolution from basic, dos, windows 1.0 upto windows7
microsoft comes with windows10
are they yoking is this the best they can comeup with after 42years
what happened did all the old slyle programmers get sacked, retired, died? 
all graphichs looks like a babydrawing with a six color pen
i have a desktop computer buth menus looks like a cheap decades old telephone operating system
microsoft has always been annoying with import all populair files and export,save only microsoft filetypes
graphic layout is horrible
menus all all over the place
there is almost no menu with the same graphic style
changing things is a nightmare
looks like the right mousebutton has almost no function anymore
An OS should make your life easy but msw10 does its atmost best to make your life misserable

Google PLEASE make a windows alike version OS thats human friendly?!

Microsoft BASIC is the foundation product of the Microsoft company. 
It first appeared in 1975 as Altair BASIC, which was the first BASIC by Microsoft and the first high level programming language available for the Altair 8800 microcomputer.